Digital Gift Box

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Transparent Fees

2.9% + 0.29 cents per transaction in Europe
7 available currencies:  EUR, GBP, USD, PLN, RON, CZK, BGN (new)

The Digital Gift Box

Why using QR-Collect?


More donations by enabling card payment

Zero fix cost

Enjoy full flexibility!
No engagement
No monthly fee


Number of transactions in a second

No card reader needed
No cash needed

At anytime
At any hour

Only 3 minutes

To get your account ready and start to collect money, even at the last minute !

Benefits of QR-collect

QR-Collect helps your family and friends to transfer you money with a
simple QR code

You can track and refund all transactions made to you.
No monthly fee, no starting cost, low transactional fees.
Fast & Simple !

Getting a QR-code takes less than 3 minutes:
You can collect money instantly after your account is created !